Kate Spade Smitten With Niece Whitney’s WHIT Show

Kate Spade.

“Oh my God, it was insane. I mean, seriously, I have chills,” said Kate Spade of her niece Whitney Pozgay’s first formal presentation of her line WHIT, which took place at Ceco this afternoon. “It’s just so pulled together, it really is. It’s so directional. I mean, it’s not all over the place, which I think when you’re young, it’s so hard to keep it as tight as she did. I just hope I can get into some of these pieces.” The label’s second collection encompassed a lot of wearable separates, most of which you could easily envision on downtown fashionistas hanging out at Café Habana. Looks included army-colored shorts paired with a drapey, short-sleeved sweatshirt in heather gray, a nautical-looking navy jumper, and many a printed turban. A fun, pink short suit set in a block print was a bit reminiscent of Kate’s preppy aesthetic. Does the now-retired designer or her husband, Andy, who was also in attendance, offer any creative advice? “None, and she doesn’t want it,” Kate said. “We let her do her thing. It’s very Whitney.”