Leighton Meester Had ‘a Very Sad Fashion Week’

Meester with Brad Goreski and Prabal Gurung.

Jessica Szohr has been ubiquitous this Fashion Week, but her onscreen frenemy Leighton Meester said she's been too busy filming Gossip Girl to go to shows, or even to watch her own show. "I had a very sad Fashion Week," she said at Wednesday's V magazine party on the top floor of the Standard Hotel. While eighties-inspired go-go boys danced on the bar and Lady Gaga–look-alikes ran wild, Meester explained: "I was supposed to go to Marc's show today, and I couldn't make it, because I was working. Which is always a completely acceptable excuse, but I just love him dearly. So, it was sad." The 24-year-old actress, radiant in a short tan dress, told us the Gossip Girl kids had been filming a birthday party that day, though she wasn't even sure how old the characters are anymore. "My character and Jenny Humphrey are the only characters, I feel like, who have real birthday parties, because I'm the most selfish character and she's the youngest, so it's a landmark whenever she grows a year older." Then Meester handed her handler a large glass of Champagne and posed for a photo with Prabal Gurung, hugged Rachel Zoe, and continued her sad Fashion Week.