See Lenny Kravitz on a Street Corner in a Dress and Knee-High Boots


The wonderful thing about New York is that anything goes, right? If you want to see how many safety pins you can pierce your left nostril with, go for it! And no one will even look at you on the subway, not even the tourists who you'll scare most of all. But celebrities are a different story. Obviously most famous dudes can't wake up one morning and say, "I think I'll wear women's clothes today! And go to werk instead of work!" and have the public sit idly by. Lenny Kravitz showed off his sexy legs in leather pants tucked into some high-heeled knee boots when he was photographed crossing the street in New York yesterday. He accented his drapey navy dress with an across-the-body man bag and tiny hoop earrings. Of course the Internet is laughing at this ensemble and making every "American Woman" joke possible. But we applaud him because, hey, he put together a look lots of women would totally want to wear. We might just suggest he swap the pants for thick tights, and the knee-high boots for over-the-knee boots, which are much better suited to working on a street corner. Oops! We mean werking IT on a street corner.

Lenny Kravitz dresses like an American Woman as he strolls around New York [Daily Mail UK]