Line Up at Desigual in Your Underwear at the Crack of Dawn and They Might Reward You With a Free Outfit

If ever there were a place in which you'd want to spend time wearing only your underpants ...

The garish storefront of the Desigual on Broadway in Soho is poised to become even more of a looker this Thursday, when the first 100 people to line up at the store wearing only underwear can go inside and get what every almost-naked person wants: a free two-piece Desigual outfit. The underwear people can stay in the store among only each other for an hour while they shop. Desigual has informed interested parties that sunrise Thursday is at 6:42 a.m., the line officially starts at 7, something called "qualification" takes place at 9 a.m., and the store opens at 10 a.m. So if you are planning to participate in this half-naked quest for free, very loud clothing, you could be officially waiting in line for two to three hours. And if you don't plan to try your luck, you'll be treated to quite the spectacle if you pass by the store on your morning commute, assuming folks show up. What Desigual doesn't tell us is that the expected temperature tomorrow morning is about 68 degrees, which is of course not ideal underwear-only weather. But if it rains, the store will spare you that humiliation and reschedule the event for Friday. Whenever it occurs, the event probably won't look much different from most raves, where chicks don't really wear much more than underwear these days.