Mariah Carey to Fulfill Her HSN Destiny


There is nothing shameful about shopping from television anymore, you know, now that Diddy's endorsed it. Hipsters will probably be doing it in a few weeks, too, as a way to rail against the establishment and break up the time they spend filling out the calendars on their iPads. So Mariah Carey has no need to turn her nose up at it, either. In fact launching a "lifestyle collection" on HSN is the perfect way to turn herself from a diva with a fragrance to a diva who is also a full-blown brand; she's starting with an appearance on the channel on November 29 to shill her fragrance along with her new jewelry and shoe lines. The shoes range from $69.90 to $169.90, while the jewelry costs from $39.99 to $199.95. It all sounds fantastic, especially when you think about how amazing it will be to see Mariah on HSN basking in all the attention and fan phone calls, but there is one major problem.

The jewelry comes with a butterfly motif, which is pretty lazy, since whenever a female celebrity needs to launch a jewelry line, she seems to go with something butterfly-oriented. Heidi Klum has made a butterfly tee and LG phone, and today Gisele just ginned up some sandals inspired by butterflies. Even though Mariah Carey has so closely associated herself with the insect for some time, how much does she really own it if she's going to be the millionth person to turn it into an accessory? We think she should spearhead a movement to inspire creativity in celebrity design. Is the ladybug really so repulsive?