Status Update: Mirada Kerr’s Baby Bump!


Since nothing's more fun than monitoring a pregnant model's stomach on a gloomy Monday morning after a weekend of eating and drinking all kinds of calories, do turn your attention to Miranda Kerr, who is now about five months with child and ... barely showing it! She wore a black minidress and stiletto pumps to a Milan Fashion Week event over the weekend with such ease and poise. Somehow the little bits of fabric flapping off the dress, which would probably only add volume to a regular person, had the effect of making Kerr look not pregnant at all, which is to be expected since she's a model. What is it about pregnancy that makes them so delighted to be out and about in heels? The knowledge that when it's all done, they'll look just as they did before? Or maybe it's something to do with that nice feeling of a full belly? After the event she probably kicked off her shoes,took a yoga class, and then went swimming in the ocean topless in the name of skin cream, to the delight of men everywhere.

Pregnant Miranda Kerr shows off her Bloom-ing bump at Milan Fashion Week [Daily Mail UK]