Olivia Palermo and Her Boyfriend to Star Alongside Scarlett Johansson As the Faces of Mango

Looking this good is totally normal too.

Scarlett Johansson enjoyed a nice long run as the face of Mango, but now she is to be one of many faces of the brand. Poppy Delevigne has been added to the roster, along with The City supporting actress Olivia Palermo, who modeled in the ads with her boyfriend, model Johannes Huebl. Palermo has previously forbidden Huebl from getting involved in The City, perhaps because translating a relationship to a reality-TV soap opera is just awkward, embarrassing, and potentially damaging to the relationship. But a relationship translated to an ad campaign? Actually, still awkward, apparently, Palermo explains:

Did she feel shy working with her long-term beau?

"I was at first, it was really embarrassing - but then I remembered it was just him and I could just be normal - so then it was really fun."

Oh yeah, modeling in the same ad campaign as ScarJo is totally normal. What do you people do with your boyfriends? Go to dinner? With people who aren't famous? Order takeout? Weirdos.

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