Penn Badgley Knows Why He Is at Fashion Week

Look: He's practicing!

Penn Badgley wears Lacoste, which he can't say for many of the other Fashion Week brands he'll come across over the next few days. But he doesn't know exactly where it comes from. "The brand Lacoste, is it American?" he asked, sitting in the lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel as he waited for Sleigh Bells to begin performing at the party for the venerable preppy line. No, he was informed, it’s French. "It sounds like a French term, but it was something that all of my friends had and I had. I went through a phase when I was about 17 when all I wore was Lacoste polos," he said. "When I was feeling ballsy I popped the collar. Maybe when I was going out and drunk, but for the most part I kept it down." So if Badgley's not exactly an expert on fashion, what are his duties this week at events like this? "I sit here and look pretty, I guess."