Petra Nemcova Became a Nerd for Eighteen Months


It seems Harvard's not the only place attracting the fashion set. When we ran into Petra Nemcova, Czech model, tsunami survivor and former party fixture at the Marchesa presentation Wednesday, she told us she had just moved back to New York after studying at London Business School for eighteen months. “I escaped, became a nerd for a few years,” Nemcova said. Her course consisted of practical training with executives from different companies, like banks and Nokia, studying things like strategic decision making, marketing, and corporate governance. The goal, Nemcova explained, was to augment her skills as the leader of her foundation, the Happy Hearts Fund, to improve structuring, and to have more tools to work with. She loves London, but still thinks New York is more efficient. “New York has the most opportunities, so you can create anything here—and so fast.”

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