Sarah Silverman Ruins All the Clothes Designers Send Her

Silverman in makeup! Photo: Getty Images

Sarah Silverman signed her book The Bedwetter at the M.A.C. store last night, and we got her thoughts on fashion. "I'm sort of embarrassed that I dress like a sloppy Jewy dyke," she explained, naturally. "But not just any dyke, a top. I love looking at fashion magazines like InStyle and Elle. I could look at pictures of runways all day. That stuff just doesn't translate on my body. I usually ruin everything designers lend to me." Has she ruined any high-fashion gifts in particular? "For the Emmys, I wore Badgley Mischka. They said they would make it however I wanted it to be. Big mistake. We tweaked it with the tailor because I was in L.A. and they were in New York. I ended up looking like a big blueberry Ren Faire something, but I personally loved it. They were sent a picture of it before the Emmys and after they saw it they asked to have their name removed. I was like 'Okay, fine, I'll give the credit to the tailor.' But the tailor was like, 'Oh, please don't.'"

After signing her book, Silverman performed a stand-up act that included a song in which she explained that fashion divas are actually just "cunts!" Did this fly with the makeup-loving audience? "Look, I am not a model for M.A.C. makeup or anything," she told us. "To be honest, I am usually afraid of fashion-y stuff. I am surprised at how nice they were. Fashion people tend to be colder because they are probably starving. I kept looking over to the side and checking, wondering, Am I going to get paid for this still? It could be a total abortion still. I don't want to piss off the clients or anybody, but I think it worked out okay. Look, I write about things I seriously in real life think about and then I make it obnoxious. I'm just trying to make it funny without being a total asshole. When I am serious for real I am not really funny."