Slideshow: Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection


Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, Donna Summer on a hot city night: Marc Jacobs's spring 2011 collection was a tribute to New York in the go-go disco seventies, complete with big hair, tiny shorts (they have to be called hot pants, really, in tight gold satin), and big round sunglasses with just the faintest tint. It was a moment in New York history for which there's often a collective nostalgic urge (creatively and stylistically, at least), and Jacobs did his singular trick of taking the spirit of the moment and making it relevant and cool and nothing like a costume.

Hopefully the city is not about to find itself in a 1975 situation where, say, our finances are concerned, but borrowing the sheer, sexy dresses, the floral chokers, the high-waisted pants is harmless enough, and in Jacobs's hands, rather fantastic indeed.

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