So Long, Harem Pants!

Non-harem pants at Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, and rag & bone.

Harem pants, a style even MC Hammer has decided to distance himself from, exploded on the runway during the spring 2009 season. The following spring, the trend had morphed in knockoff hubs like Forever 21 and Zara, resulting in all kinds of unfortunate bottoms, like denim diapers and pants with crotches that reach the ankles. Maybe that's why designers have largely distanced themselves from questionable drop-crotches this spring 2011 season — they just got way too scary to mess with anymore. Most of the pants on the runways this season are relaxed and wide-leg, and while some have tapered legs and slightly dropped crotches, the full-on MC Hammer look seems to be going the way of fishnets: for the really attention-needy only.