Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Makes Fashion Week Feel Inclusive


It can't have been easy shifting the whole Fashion Week operation from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center. So many moving parts! But Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is an unusually enthusiastic person. It'd be easy to dismiss the NYFW chief planner and ex-Vogue staffer as elitist: She's so tall and so pretty and has so many sparkly diamonds! But she's one of the friendliest and most inclusive people in the business, and is, therefore, the perfect person to have led the charge. After a few days in operation, the verdict is in, and Lincoln Center is a success, not least because of the all-embracing nature of the effort. Picking through the hordes of people on the plaza on a Saturday night may have been a minor pain in the butt, but it also added a whole layer of dynamism to the operation. The people outside were far more dressed up than the people in the front row, and they were also more excited. It was like prom-night-meets-the Oscars, and there seemed to be an awful lot of people having a very good time.