Shape Shiftr’s Designers Love Geometry and Grunge


Most labels start out small, but Shape Shiftr’s Meghan Lavery and J’aime Lizotte began their brand in 2009 with just two pieces. When their first efforts blew out of the Lower East Side’s Pixie Market in less than five hours, the girls knew they were on to something.

For the past year, the Brooklyn duo has been crafting colorful, minimalist grunge clothing, combining Lizotte’s affinity for color-blocking and sculptural design with Lavery’s slouchy nineties-skater aesthetic. The girls cemented their styles early on, with Lizotte putting her love of clean lines to use at Armani, and Lavery apprenticing with the bohemian threeASFOUR. While their tastes definitely differ, the girls do agree on one thing: triangles, and lots of them. As Lizotte told us, ‘It’s the strongest geometric shape!” Fans of the line can expect the motif to pop up in the girls’ upcoming collection, which was partly inspired by Lizotte’s cross-country road trip (think: desert-y burnt oranges, browns, and sky blues).

And while Shape Shiftr’s fall collection is a nod to the American West, the girls are starting to think globally. They’ve already inked deals with London’s Amelie boutique, and Mink in Hong Kong, and they’ll be meeting with Australian retailers over the next few months. Which is kind of like how Lavery described the label’s name: “It’s about being ever evolving, we’re never stuck.” Click ahead to see a slideshow of their work.