The Olsens Just Decided to Show The Row in Paris, Instead of New York As Scheduled


The question that is the bane of many a Fashion Week attendees' Fashion Week: Where is my invitation? The cooler a designer is, the later they tend to arrive, sometimes leaving editors and bloggers waiting till the eleventh hour for that sign of acceptance — the coveted seating confirmation — that finally lets them know they're not on the outs with the label, or viewed as some kind of mortal fashion enemy, hissss, etc. That's what many probably thought would happen with invites for The Row, but today WWD reported that the New York show has been canceled since samples haven't arrived on time.

“We have made the decision to postpone our spring-summer 2011 presentation of The Row due to sample delivery,” Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen said in a joint statement. “Production and delivery of our samples is delayed by a few days and this has cast us out of the New York schedule. We will therefore present it to the market within the Paris schedule. We are excited and are looking forward to presenting our collection.”

So ironically the delayed confirmations meant that not only is The Row super cool, but also that The Row is so cool that they just have to show in Paris instead of New York. But to be fair, it doesn't seem like anyone's overly thrilled with what they've seen in our fair city so far, so this might be a doubly good thing for the Olsens.

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