Thirties-Era Thugs and Gangsters on the Lam at N. Hoolywood

Models at N. Hoolywood's spring 2011 presentation.

The walls of 303 Gallery were covered with black-and-white mug shots of rough-looking street guys styled into thirties-era thugs earlier today. The blur of police portraits was reminiscent of Warhol’s “Thirteen Most Wanted Men” series or a film-noir version of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, but it was actually the presentation of the new collection from Japanese menswear label N. Hoolywood, sold at Opening Ceremony and Aloha Rag. The brand went high-concept for their New York debut. Attendees had to peer through a glass window to see the models, who would step up and face to the left and right, just like in a lineup. Said designer Daisuke Obana, of his inspiration: “Back then, the clothes were very classic. You never knew who was a gangster.”