Tim Gunn: ‘Condé Nast Would Be Well Served by Having Lots of Straitjackets Around’


For a man who's become famous with constant iterations of "make it work," Tim Gunn sure knows how to work it himself. The promotion of his new book, Gunn's Golden Rules, has us itching our face off to get our hands on it and read it all immediately. He is getting an unbelievable amount of mileage out of his story about seeing Anna Wintour get carried down stairs at a fashion show. Last night he went over the story again with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, and it was, again, amazing.

Gunn doesn't believe he was at fault for printing the story — this was not a character assault. "It was like sports reporting — just the facts, man," he tells Stewart, insisting for the umpteenth time that the story is true. Stewart wants to know more about these fashion people: "Have they lost sight of their humanity?" Gunn:

"I would say that Condé Nast, 4 Times Square, would be well served by having lots of straitjackets around. As a publishing house, I think it’s rather abhorrent, or it wouldn't stand out so profoundly. So I like to think these are the anomalies — these are not the regular people."

Hear more from Gunn and Stewart in the video.

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