To Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Missing Her Book Party Is Like Missing the Oscars


Transformers actress-slash-model Rosie Huntington-Whitely was not at the party for the book Ten Times Rosie, which photographer Rankin devoted entirely to her. With creative direction by Paula Thomas of fashion label Thomas Wylde, the book includes images of Rosie hanging from rings, grabbing her ass, lashing a whip, and riding a horse, among other sexy pastimes. Rankin thinks Huntington-Whitely puts diversity back into fashion. "We’ve been looking at very, very skinny, almost masculine girls for a long time," Rankin told us. "[Rosie] really is the model of the moment. She’s the actress of the moment. She’s definitely going to become something much, much bigger. And it’s lovely for us to be able to go, oh wow, we can see it and feel it because we’ve worked with her and we know it. And now she’s texting us from the Transformers set." Thomas chimed in, "She’s sad she can’t be here. She’s been saying it’s like not coming to get my own Oscar."