Tom Florio Got a Gig at IMG


Tom Florio left his job as publisher of Vogue in June with designs on going into entertainment. "It could be in TV; it could be on many platforms. It also could be that I will be working closely with Condé Nast. We’ll see," he teased at the time. It's unclear how exactly those prospects figure into his new job at IMG, which just announced that Florio is their new "Senior Adviser for Fashion to the Office of the Chairman," effective October 1. It's hard to glean from the press release what that means exactly, especially since it seems to be a rule of corporate America that the longer an official job title, the more vague its description. However, IMG CEO Ted Forstmann says Florio will be working closely with IMG's fashion team, and Florio says he's happy to have IMG's "models, photographers, stylists, hair and makeup and event marketing" talent at his disposal. "The opportunities to work with these creative resources in multimedia and digital platforms are endless," he adds. Maybe he can just make this thing up as he goes along. Like all jobs!