Video: Anna Wintour Complains About Lady Gaga on Jimmy Fallon


Last night Marc Jacobs accompanied Anna Wintour on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to help her plug Fashion's Night Out. "I think we meant to talk about Fashion's Night Out," she presses after the segment has dragged on for a little while without any talk of Fashion's Night Out. But before that, Fallon wanted to talk about the Met Gala, to which Anna regularly invites him. Anna recalled having Lady Gaga as the special guest performer this year. "There was a brief moment where she was communing with God. And she was praying in the back, waiting for God to tell her it was all right to go onstage," Anna recalls. "Fortunately, he gave her the message after 45 minutes." Naturally when the conversation finally turns to FNO, she says, "My biggest nightmare is it's not going to start on time. Because for many years, I've always complained about people not starting on time. And I'm worried that I'll do the same thing."

Meanwhile, Jacobs talks about posing for a photo shoot in September's Vogue to plug FNO right after he had shoulder surgery. "But, unfortunately, or fortunately, one can't say no to Anna," he explains. "So, when I was asked to be in the picture, I was like, okay. I'll leave the hospital, get off the morphine drip, and go to the photo shoot."