Backstage Video: Biker Beauty at Betsey Johnson


Backstage at Betsey Johnson yesterday, the scene was abuzz with PR girls, scrambling models, and overextended makeup artists. Yet everyone was happy and smiling, even when the camera wasn't pointed anywhere near them. Such unusual cheerfulness could have been due to the copious amount of lollipops scattered everywhere, or the colorful balloons tied to inanimate objects, or the generous number of Champagne mini-bottles strewn about. Or it might have been Betsey's two granddaughters, Layla and Ella, who bounced into the midst of things squealing and giggling and dragging Grandma Betsey onto the floor, where she rolled around with them in a puddle of flower petals and pink tulle. In any case, everyone was in a great mood — even the beauty folks — who took some time out to tell us about the zany bike-themed looks for the show. Watch the video for the full scoop.

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