Video: Hundreds of Shoppers Line Up in Their Underwear for a Chance at Two Free Pieces of Very Bright Clothing


Yesterday morning, around 200 shoppers lined up outside of Desigual on Broadway in Soho wearing only their underwear for a shot at winning a free two-piece outfit from the store. The first hundred people got the free clothes, while those who missed the cutoff would be rewarded with a half-off coupon. The contestants had to be approved by Desigual, and were forced to stand in line in their skivvies until the store opened at ten, as media from all corners of this city descended on the publicity stunt. Naturally we were there — with our video camera! — to find out what about these clothes could possess people to stand on a busy street corner half-naked for hours and hours, while the store seems to reap a much greater reward in publicity than the clothes will ever be worth to whoever obtains them. Turns out, a lot of the people who showed up just wanted to experience the thrill of standing outside in their underpants and felt no real attachment to the store's wares. See more astounding footage in the video.