Video: Tim Gunn Gives His Honest Thoughts on the Salahis, Taylor Momsen, and Lady Gaga on Access Hollywood


Tim Gunn's crusade to tell the world what's really going on with certain famous people continued last night on Access Hollywood, where his book tour of defamation made a stop. God bless that program for having the Salahis listen in to Gunn while he gives his honest thoughts on them. And God bless Gunn for saying, right in front of their faces and the people of America watching, "I don't mind if the Salahis hear this. I mean, I believe that they're sociopaths." And God bless him for explaining the exact meaning of sociopaths to America: "They believe their own lies." He also talks about how Taylor Momsen arrogantly "sleepwalks" through her Gossip Girl role and how he respects Lady Gaga but thinks her meat dresses and other gimmicks will grow "tired and stale" — which Gunn's gossip still hasn't become. See more in the video.

Tim Gunn Hates On Pretty Much Everyone, From Suri To The Salahis [Jezebel]
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