Video: Tim Gunn Tells the Story of When Anna Wintour Went ‘Ballistic’ on Him


In his new book Gunn's Golden Rules, Tim Gunn tells the story of the time he saw Anna Wintour's bodyguards carry her down stairs at a fashion show, presumably to save her the supreme hassle of walking down them herself. The item got plenty of attention in the gossip pages over the summer, and again today when Gunn went on Live With Regis and Kelly, where Regis pressed Gunn for stories about the divalike behavior he's witnessed in the industry. "I was asked what I’ve seen in fashion that I’ll never forget, and it was very easy — it was seeing Anna Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs for a fashion show," Gunn says. "She read [that item] and went ballistic [saying], ‘This must be retracted, you must rescind the statement, this isn’t true.’ Well, it is true, and there were many witnesses — I wasn’t the only one who saw it." Gunn also explains why it was crucial to include this story in his book.

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