Terence Koh Reveals His Fashion Week Favorite


Last night's Imitation show at Milk Studios was a rather festive affair, with a faux-grass runway, images of Ferris wheels and carnival crowds projected in the background, and male models puffing on cigars as they swaggered down the runway. Terence Koh sat front row, right next to designer/actor Waris Ahluwalia. After the show, he revealed to us his top three collections of the week: Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, and Imitation, his favorite. Why Imitation, we asked? “I’ll tell you why,” said Ahluwalia for Koh, who is still pretty quiet during interviews after recently breaking a six-week-long vow of arty silence. “Because there is a lot Terence could wear. I was shopping for Terence essentially,” said Ahluwalia. Koh, who was wearing head-to-toe white, added that he particularly liked Tara Subkoff's capes. Waris, of course, elaborated: “There’s one in white, and he feels he must have it.”

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