When Wigs Aren’t Compelling Enough for a Fashion Show, Naked Models Wearing Wigs Ought to Be


Wig-maker Charlie Le Mindu, a 24-year-old whose creations have graced the scalp of Lady Gaga, got plenty of attention for his runway show yesterday, because he used the easiest trick in the book: hot naked people. Some of his models walked the runway nude, save only hats, shoes, bags, and wigs, which obviously don't cover any private parts. There might have been another way for Le Mindu to get attention for a show about only ... hats and wigs, but this was as cringe-worthy as it was obvious, because who are these models and how unfair does this feel for them? The designer at least could have had an equal opportunity naked fashion show and put a dude or two in it. This just feels wrong. Plus, the last thing Lady Gaga — who is almost naked most of the time anyway — needs are any ideas.

What not to bare: Models strut down the catwalk absolutely starkers bar beautiful hats and big hair [Daily Mail UK]