André Leon Talley Is Dressing Up for Halloween for the First Time Ever This Year

Not his Halloween outfit.

Believe it or not, André Leon Talley has never celebrated Halloween. "I don’t even remember trick-or-treating as a child," he wrote on today. Which is certainly odd, not to mention kind of sad. But it turns out that he was just waiting for the right party at which to make his Halloween debut, and this year he found one: Director Michael Dougherty is having his tenth annual Haunted House party in L.A., and André enthusiastically informed the Internet that he has received an invitation! This is a pretty random place to lose one's Halloween virginity, but let's be happy for him nonetheless.

André was understandably stressed about finding a suitable outfit for the occasion: "What to do to make my urban-elegant Prada coat into something appropriate for the holiday?" he fretted. But then, a lightbulb went off. "The eureka moment came. Why not ask Dylan Lauren, of Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York, to come up with masks made of candy, something befitting Canaletto’s Venetian carnivals?" Oh. A candy mask is the best he could come up with? This is disappointing, not to mention surprising, considering his disdain for dessert-inspired outfits.

ALT’s Halloween-candy mask [Vogue]