Botox Approved to Treat Migraines; Latin American Vogue Experiments With Hair Poms

• Botox has been officially approved as a treatment for migraines, and injections are expected to minimize headaches for up to three months. Doctors are also studying the effects of Botox on excessive sweating and bladder problems. [NPR]

Anja Rubik teased her hair into large swirls and then pinned a giant pompom on top of her head for the cover of Latin American Vogue’s October issue. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

• Anne Hathaway rocks bold eyebrows and a series of diamond-studded updos in the November Vogue editorial that accompanies her cover story. [Vogue]

• Rumi “Fashion Toast” Neely tied some feathers in her hair for a photo shoot with Revolve Clothing. [Fashion Toast]

• In these manly times, The Wall Street Journal suggests that men splash on some subtly scented aftershave rather than douse themselves in cologne. [WSJ]

Glamour gives tips on how to style your hair into a headband-and-bun combo without looking like you just came from the gym. [Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]