Correction: Anne Slowey’s Baby Is Her Husband’s, But They’re Not Together

Anne Slowey

Yesterday Daily Front Row reported the news that Anne Slowey had given birth to her first child, a little girl named Afton Florabelle Lawson Fairey. The website had reported, as we did in blogging their item, that the father was Anne Slowey's "husband," Rodger Fairey (the original item remains published with this bit taken out and no mention of a correction). Today we received an e-mail from journalist Colleen DeBaise, who has been dating Rodger Fairey for three years and currently lives with him, explaining that while Fairey and Slowey are married, they have been separated for years, and he fathered Slowey's daughter with donor sperm. "It's not that it's incorrect, it's the way that your post puts it, and the way that the Daily Front Row puts it — it makes it sound like these two are this happily married couple that live together when this is not the situation at all," De Baise told us by phone this morning.

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Update: The post has been edited from its original version to exclude some unnecessary details.