ANTM Recap: Even Princeton Educations Disappoint André Leon Talley

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Though it seemed unlikely to top last week’s stellar episode with the epic photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Tyra tried again this week to maintain this season’s lofty, couture Italian Vogue standards. So she made the girls impersonate designers, ranging from the cart-wheeling Betsey Johnson to the famously reserved and mellow Vera Wang.

Liz, who portrayed John Galliano, nailed his jaunty pose and quizzically foppish look, though she admitted she had never heard of him before the challenge — not only a blow to her but a blow to Tyra Banks's high fashion meme. “I have two kids and a full time job,” is how she defended herself to Tyra at panel. Like that’s an excuse, Liz! Though Tyra miraculously understood, and even more miraculously, didn’t begin one of her “When I was modeling in Paris, all the girls knew Galliano!” monologues.

Other girls weren’t so lucky. The judges chastised Jane for not having studied Marc Jacobs’s mannerisms. “I don’t get that Jane, who’s apparently a Princeton girl, has not done her homework,” said a disappointed André Leon Talley, who learned the important lesson that they don’t in fact teach everything important at Princeton — but what a way to use her degree by being on the show! And what of the gangly yet phenomenal Ann, who has won the past four challenges, something unheard of in ANTM history? Though her impersonation of wunderkind Alexander Wang was “great,” even she has to let others take the spotlight. See more highlights of ALT and the doppelganger designers from last night’s episode in the video.