ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Laughs at Girls Who Can’t Model on Rollerskates

Episode Title
Zac Posen

André Leon Talley chose a taupe cape to wear for the judging panel for last night's episode of America's Next Top Model. The shade went with the episode, which wasn't nearly as exciting as previous challenges — or as cloaks! Zac Posen was the guest judge for the hour, in which the girls had to model in a Z Spoke show without cracking under pressure while real models were mean to them. Then they had to film a commercial for a made-up watered-down-Snapple-esque beverage that required them to be cute on roller skates while rubbing up on a hot male model. Talley laughs at the best take of Ann, who is six foot two, can't roller skate to save her life, and had to be dragged around and covered in pads so she could get through the agony.

In fact, most of the girls were agonized by the challenge since speaking, roller skating, looking hot, and selling a beverage are difficult to do all at once. Never mind that the folks who came up with the challenge didn't seem to consider that models don't ever have to speak in commercials these days anyway. Another contestant's commercial was "a mess," according to Posen, but ALT forgave her since she showed up to panel with a decent outfit and hair do, rather than a presentation that would embarrass her in the real modeling world. And if all that bores you, Tyra made her hair really big and started opera-talking again, which is always a fun spectacle. Enjoy those scenes and more in our montage of last night's highlights.