Baptiste Giabiconi Is Afraid of Riding Bikes, Karl Lagerfeld Is Just Afraid of Public Ones


After featuring a Harley in his cruise collection for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld sent a fleet of bicycles round the walkways of the former banking headquarters in which he presented his first collection for Hogan in Paris. In his short film La Lettre, written and directed by the Kaiser to showcase the collection, models Magdalena Frackowiac and Baptiste Giabiconi play lovers cruising through Paris on bikes. This posed a bit of a problem for Giabiconi, who may have a beautifully toned athletic-seeming figure but is kind of scared of riding bikes. “I’m not a very good cyclist — the bike was actually on a platform being pulled by a car!” he confessed. "Do you enjoy cycling? Me neither. It’s kind of dangerous actually."

Lagerfeld enjoys its youthful appeal. "Cycling is fun. It’s a young, fresh way of getting around, and it is perfectly suited to the boot I designed for Hogan,” he explained. “When I was young, I used to cycle eight kilometers to and from school every day. When I’m on vacation in the South of France I often ride a bike.” Does this mean Karl is partial to picking up a Vélib, one of the city’s free bikes? “In Paris? Are you mad?” He left the party in a Rolls Royce. And now, enjoy the film!