Behold: Baptiste Giabiconi’s New Dance Single


Model and aspiring actor Baptiste Giabiconi is adding another slash to his résumé: pop star. Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite set of abs recently debuted his new, 50 Cent–mixed dance single, “Showtime,” on French television. With lyrics like “Showtime starting right now,” and “I won’t stop till I get to the finish line,” it sounds like the perfect anthem for Giabiconi to amp himself up with before navigating icebergs, wrapping himself in gold foil, or performing other treacherous modeling duties. We’ll have to wait and see if Chanel’s models will be strutting down the runway to the song's reverb-y beats next season, but for now, enjoy this clip of Giabiconi nodding along awkwardly to his musical debut. [Fashionologie]