Behold the Gucci Ad Jennifer Lopez Shot With Her Twins


It seems when they're not having them they're modeling with them. The rumors were true: Jennifer Lopez does appear with her twins Max and Emme in Gucci's campaign for a new kids' line, launching for spring 2011. The rumors about Lopez not wanting their faces to show, which just would have made for one awkward ad, were evidently false.

In a technological coup, Gucci released the images by posting them to its Facebook profile page, and then tweeting about the photos. The ads bear tiny text that says Gucci is donating $1 million "to UNICEF’s Schools for Africa initiative to celebrate six years of partnership and the launch of Gucci’s children’s collection because an education is a gift forever." As are baby pictures like that!

Gucci also posted images of the kids' line to its Facebook page. The child models are so remarkably affected already. It's adorable.

Jennifer Lopez and Her Twins Star in Gucci’s New Children’s Ad Campaign [StyleWatch/People]