Best Bet: Create Your Own Custom Scent


Whether you can sniff out top notes of sandalwood and white tea or just consider yourself scent-obsessed, Brooklyn-based perfumer Anne McClain of MCMC Fragrances is sharing her craft with a small group of devotees. After teaching classes at Le Labo for the past eight months, the French-schooled fragrance expert is going solo with two new fall workshops this month, held at the Fort Greene studio of textile designer Lena Corwin. In the five-week Intensive Study of Perfumery Raw Materials, participants delve into the ingredients and 75 major notes of fragrances, sniffing vials and blending as they go; in the four-hour Custom Perfume class, students create their own take-home scents. The classes are kept small for personalized instruction, and all materials are included. Who needs a celebrity fragrance when you can concoct your own?

Intensive Study of Perfumery Raw Materials, $250, and Make Your Own Custom Perfume, $275. E-mail info@lenacorwin for details and to reserve a spot.