Best Bet: Nail Rock’s Nailwraps


Last year, Minx manicures were the hot trend in nails. If you loved the look then but weren't ready to shell out $50 or more for gleaming tips (this is New York, after all, home of the $12 manicure), now you can DIY with Nail Rock's slick new wraps. Adhere the flexible foils to your nails with the heat from a blow-dryer, then file them down to the appropriate length. (The technique may take a practice round to perfect, but for $14, a trial run doesn't feel too extravagant.) The wraps come in eight styles, from gold and silver metallics to leopard, lace, and lizard prints, and last around five to ten days — about on par with that $12 manicure, but considerably more striking.

Nail Rock Nailwraps, $14 at Topshop or online.