Snowboard on This Chanel Board ... With Your Legs Crossed


Chanel has been in the luxury sporting goods market for awhile now. They've made bikes with quilted seats, fly-fishing rods, and more. But now that we're heading into the winter months, snow sports are a natural progression. They have goggles, traditional skis, and snowboards for the jet-setting traveler who needs their Chanel while in Gstaad. A sleek black snowboard with the logo might not catch your eye, but they seem to think that a snowboard should probably be set up as demonstrated in the picture.

But oops! The problem is, the bindings are on backward. At quick glance, the snowboard seems to be set up for a person who rides regular, meaning with their left foot forward. But see those little silver tabs? They're supposed to be on the outside of the foot, and not the inside. The way this is set up, you'd have to put your right foot in the front and then twist your body so your left foot faces the same way. So unless you have detachable and interchangeable legs, or care to snowboard with your legs crossed like a pretzel, this probably won't take you down a mountain in one piece. Maybe no snowboarders were in the photo studio that day.