Diddy Refused to Wear Pink at Breast-Cancer Fund-raiser; Europeans Love Children’s Luxury Clothing

• Sales of luxury children’s clothing are outperforming the rest of the market in Europe. [NYT]

• Diddy refused to wear pink at a breast-cancer charity event that he hosted last week. Organizers handed him a pink scarf, but he would only carry it in his hand. [Page Six/NYP]

• Anthropologie is opening a 1,400-square-foot accessories-only store in Chevy Chase, Maryland, later this month. [WWD]

• Perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain has come under fire for using a racial epithet during a television interview in France on Friday. He was recalling how he made one of his most famous perfumes, Samsara, to impress a woman: “I told her ... 'What would seduce you if one was to make a perfume for you?' and she told me, 'I love jasmine, rose and sandalwood,' ... And for once I started working like a [racial epithet]. I don't know if [racial epithet] ever worked that hard." [CNN]

Hermès is opening two pop-up shops in London that sell only scarves and are staffed by “experts” that can demonstrate scarf-tying variations. [Vogue UK]

• Simon Doonan on quirky, eccentric runway styles: "Today, the default mode for many women is looking hot ... But eccentric style is cerebral rather than flagrantly sexual. It's the antidote to the Jersey Shore." [WSJ]

• High-end retail sites like Saks.com and Bloomingdale's.com are adding customer-review features to their products, which will enable executives to respond quickly to fit and quality issues. [WSJ]

• Savile Row tailors are trying to modernize by selling off-the-rack clothing, introducing ad campaigns, and offering more customization. [WWD]