Ellen Von Unwerth on Censorship in Fashion: ‘There’s Not Much Freedom’

Ellen Von Unwerth at a masquerade party in Paris yesterday.

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth joins Carine Roitfeld in the belief that fashion imagery is quite censored. "There should be more freedom," she told us last night at V magazine's party at Printemps in Paris. She added: "It's very censored already, you know, smoking, and nudity, and things like that. If it's not approved by the advertisers, you know, it goes into the garbage. There's not much freedom." Von Unwerth doesn't have to worry about such restrictions in her personal projects. "I do my personal work, I do books, but when you do magazines, you definitely get censored," she explained. This does not mean she's ready to let it all hang out on, say, a reality show. "In general, I find reality shows very boring," she said, without entirely dismissing the idea of being on one. "If I had someone that I trust, maybe." Who would she want to work with to make it interesting? "Galliano."