First Look: End of Century’s Feathered Heels, Floaty Shift Dresses, and Vintage Housewares


End of Century, a boutique and gallery owned by fresh-from-college friends Lara Hodulick and Chantal Chadwick, opens on the Lower East Side this Wednesday. The evolving space showcases new men's and women's clothing and accessories from nearly a dozen independent designers, as well as paintings, ceramics, LPs, vintage garb, and salvaged décor. All the furniture in the shop is for sale, from the leather Eames chair to the retro chandelier (unearthed from Chantal's grandmother's attic). Apparel by designers like Samantha Pleet and Tar & Feather hangs from handmade birch-branch-and-wire racks, while striking brass and leather jewelry fill an artfully weathered display case. The Greenpoint-based pair curated their boutique with an eye for craftsmanship and creativity, including finds like Gretchen Mongrain's printed dresses fashioned from vintage Army fabric, Rake's hand-feathered heels, and Martine Ali's statement-making spike- and screw-studded cuffs. A new artist's work will be exhibited on the walls each month, starting with Brooklyn painter Elle. Click ahead for a preview of what's in store.

End of Century, 175 Rivington, nr. Clinton St.