Fashion People Question the Trend of Beefy Models, Stefano Tonchi Recalls Dressing Monks in Nepal

Simon Doonan, Joseph Altuzarra, and Stefano Tonchi.

Not everyone at the Fashion Group International's Night of Stars believes the New York Times recent assertion that beefy, manly men are back in fashion. "I disagree," Joseph Altuzarra said. "[Maybe] because I'm a waif! When people say ... 'boobs are back in' or 'hips are back in,' I wonder what anyone's gonna do — change their body type from season to season?" Simon Doonan added, "I honestly feel like people make it up as they go along. Curvy one season and flat the other? It's all lies!" Stefano Tonchi may work at a women's fashion publication now (W) but recalled his early days working at L'Uomo Vogue. "I remember once carrying bags of orange and red cashmere sweaters to the top of a monastery in Nepal. That's how I started my career," he said. "We did this great shoot of monks, and I had to convince [them] to take off their robes and put on our cashmere sweater[s]. It was quite a task! L'Uomo Vogue was the only publication on the planet that's ever put a monk on its cover." It's unclear if monks would qualify as beefy.