Get Kim Kardashian’s Silver-Painted W Look


Kim Kardashian is naked on the cover of the new "Art" issue of W, while inside, she gets to wear body paint, which doesn't hide her privates, but just makes them look like they were shot in black-and-white but are naturally kind of shiny. Anyway, these images of this seminal art figure of our time are bound to go down in history for at least some people, and by the time Halloween rolls around, they'll be fresh enough on, yet far enough removed from, people's minds for going as silver naked Kim yourself to really feel clever and culturally significant (she's an artiste, friends — W says so). To get Kim's look, you just need Kryolan Aquacolor silver body paint mixed with Make Up For Ever silver powder, apparently. Makeup artist Gucci Westman mixed a tablespoon of pigment with a bottle of the Kryolan to get Kim's finish just right. Westman and "her trusty assistants" then painted Kim with the stuff, but it's unclear how long it took. At least Halloween is on a Sunday — if you don't have an army of assistants and need to spend the entire day painting yourself you can probably skip brunch and make it happen. And if you like the idea of wearing silver body paint instead of these things, and don't want to go as Kim per se, you can just tell people you're going as "art the average person can understand. Like, duh!"

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