Gossip Girl Stylist Eric Daman Is Designing a Line of Party Dresses

Next up: men's accessories?

Eric Daman, who has masterminded the Gossip Girl wardrobe since the show’s inception, written a Gossip Girl–themed book on personal style, and designed Gossip Girl–themed windows for Henri Bendel, is designing a line of party dresses. And he hasn’t piggybacked on Gossip Girl to market them — at least not yet! They'll be priced at a teen- and tween-friendly $50 and under, so we should probably expect lots of eager eighth-graders ponying up their babysitting dollars to look like Blair Waldorf at the prom. (Also, the fact that he’s calling them “party” dresses and not “cocktail” dresses means we’re dealing with an underage market, folks.) Anyway, the line will be sold through fast-fashion retailer Charlotte Russe, where Daman is also a creative director, starting October 24. The sad news? No clothes for boys. Way to dash our dreams of finding an affordable version of Chuck Bass’s crown-print mesh tank.

'Gossip Girl' Stylist to Launch Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe Party Dress Line [StyleList]