Handless Model Poses in a Sexy Bra for Disability Awareness


Belgian model Tanja Kiewitz was born with her left arm ending just below the elbow, but she's been genetically blessed in many other ways, so now she's campaigning for disability awareness. An ad for Belgian disabilities nonprofit CAP48, which plays off the Wonderbra "look me in the eyes" ad from the mid-nineties, features the line, "Look me in the eyes ... I said the eyes." In an interview with the Global Post, Kiewitz explained, "They have to see that I'm a woman above all and that I can be beautiful and sexy, and the handicap is secondary." She also thinks that disabled models should be used more widely. "It would be good if handicapped people started to be used to advertise other things," she said. "Why shouldn't somebody with a disability be a model? It would make a change from those models who all look alike."

Handless Model Goes Topless [Global Post]