Innocent Cat Becomes Victim of Ruthless Photoshopping


Cats have battled a steep, steep climb to gain acceptance in cool fashion circles. Over the past year, their presence on clothes, in high fashion ads, and in celebrity magazine photo shoots has skyrocketed as the stigma associated with crazy cat ladies dissipates and the people who define cool accept felines for the fabulous, fashionable, diva-like creatures they truly are. But censorship in Saudi Arabia threatens to undo this, somewhat. In this Mariah Carey album art, the cat's fluff was expanded to hide the perceived indecency of Mariah's dress, thereby turning an elegant creature into a freakish obese monster, or a cat-blob as Racked has dubbed it. One thing is clear: The Fight for Cat Acceptance has not been fully fought.

Risque Dressing: Mariah Carey Gets Swallowed Alive by a Cat Blob [Racked]