See Renderings of the Man-Made Fashion Island Off Dubai That Karl Lagerfeld Is Helping Design


Fashion people don't have enough places in which to isolate themselves from the Others, who don't care or know about the latest and greatest in Chanel fur boots and Hermès beach towels. What they really need, rather than private cars, parties, and planes, is their own private island, naturally, with a foreign name to make it sound even fancier, and a launch date sometime after the worst economic crash in decades has apparently begun to right itself. Well, friends, plebeians, loaded people: That time is approaching at last! Isla Moda, the man-made fashion-specific island community twenty kilometers off Dubai that Karl Lagerfeld is helping design, has been rendered. And it looks, predictably, like something out of Biodome meets Inception, which can only mean Karl has successfully infiltrated the dreams of his brethren and translated them architecturally to the three luxury hotels and 150 "lavish" residences that will comprise this elite sea-dwelling suburb. Also, it's a fantastic way for richies to cram more boats into their lives. And when you're wealthy, isn't that what matters? Check them out in the slideshow.

Karl Lagerfeld and Oppenheim design Isla Moda in Dubai [Design Scene]
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