Jason Wu’s Fame Made His Brother’s Wedding Really Complicated

Jason Wu

Jason Wu is visiting his home country, Taiwan, for the first time in four years to attend his brother’s wedding, which took place at a top-secret location yesterday. Because Wu designed his new sister-in-law’s dress as well as all the bridesmaids’ outfits, the wedding had a major paparazzi problem: “We had to keep the location a secret. I was told people might follow me to her house or that I would have to change cars. It all sounds a little bit like ‘Mission Impossible.’” he told WWD. “Apparently people are trying to get the first shot of her dress.” (And no, photos have not been released yet.)

Wu had some other matters to attend to while he was home, like discussing art and design with Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou in broken Chinese (Wu left Taiwan at age nine, so his Chinese is “at a third-level” he says). Of course, their meeting was really just a thinly-veiled ploy for Wu to get Taiwan’s first lady, Chow Mei-ching, to wear one of his dresses, which he not-so-subtly gave to the president while they were on national television.

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