Justin Bieber Made Some Nail Polish to Sell Exclusively at Wal-Mart


Hormone-crazed tweens can buy Justin Bieber fan tees and Justin Bieber sweatpants and Justin Bieber shorts, but Bieber doesn't have his own fashion line yet, per se. And rather than take the plunge with $19 zebra party dresses and $8 stretch pleather leggings, he's just dipping a toe into the tween fashion and beauty market with nail polish launching in December exclusively at Wal-Mart, the mecca of tween icon brands. Bieber collaborated with Nicole on a line of shades called "One Less Lonely Girl," which is apparently a song that he sings. The shade pictured here is called "Step 2 the Beat of My Heart," but the other polishes don't have the chunky glitter, if you happen to be 11-years-old and into this but not the glitter-sort-of-thing. But this seems like an odd branding move because sure, Bieber appeals to young ladies, so it makes sense that he would make stuff for them to buy. But he appeals to them because they find him sexy, as we understand it (not knowing anything about the kid except that he exists and has hair and lips). Do 10-year-olds really find it hot that the dude is making nail polish for them? Or maybe we're just really old and don't know what's hip in teen love these days.

Justin Bieber Stole Your Heart, Now He Wants Your Nails [She Finds]