Kate Hudson Wears Outfits That Make Her 6-Year-Old Son Blush


When a reporter asked Kate Hudson if her 6-year-old son, Ryder, gives her fashion advice, like Suri Cruise does for Katie Holmes, Hudson said yes, naturally, because what celebrity mom wouldn't want her kids to be known for their fashion sense? “Oh my gosh, yeah. He’s my biggest critic: [He'll say] ‘What is that?’” she said at the Elle Women in Hollywood gala this week. But rather than pointing and cooing, as most children do when they like something, Ryder apparently gets an embarrassed look on his face when Hudson is wearing something that looks good. At least, that's what she thinks he means: “I always know when he likes it when he sees me and he doesn’t say anything and he gets kind of flushed. I go, ‘Oh-ho. That means you like it!’” Yet more evidence that celebrity children are more precocious than the rest of us: Most kids don't get embarrassed by their mom's outfits until eighth grade, at least.