Kate Moss Models Her Last Topshop Line in Still Photos


It's that familiar time of year in which new black-and-white images of Kate Moss doing that thing she does so well — modeling — in her new Topshop collection emerge! These, from her fourteenth collection for the brand, are extra-special because this is Moss's last full-fledged collection for the chain, though various reports haven't entirely ruled out the possibility of her doing more stuff for them in the future. The clothes look typical of what she's been doing for the label over the years: a little boho, a little weird, and a little trendy, with just the right amount of stuff hanging off that could catch on any errant object that brushes up against them, but not so much that hugging someone with sequins would completely ruin the things.

Kate Moss Repurposes A Bath Mat For Her Final Topshop Collection [Jezebel]